SME & Individual


You are a senior team or individual leader that realises a significant change in direction may be required, yet are unsure what that may be.  You may also be unsure of how best to generate robust options that play to your own capabilities and strengths whilst holding genuine commercial viability. We work with both individuals and teams who want to re direct their work lives to achieve greater purpose, satisfaction and commercial congruence.


It is time to jump ahead. Take a leap and scale up your capacity to lead and grow a boundary spanning business.  You may be an individual wishing to invest into your own accelerated development or you may be the leadership team of a small growth company that realise current capability and approach is too small for you’re the business ambition.


You have experienced considerable success in the past, however currently you feel like you are swimming upstream.Most things you do are still working well enough, however just 1 or 2 are not, and are holding you back from either greater success or a more fulfilled work life.We help pinpoint the issues and set in motion fresh approaches to transcend previous behaviours and increase your effectiveness and personal satisfaction.