We coach and facilitate senior leaders and their teams. Our global clients range across several hundred companies and entities in the private and public sectors. All of our team have had senior level careers before becoming coaches. Thorough initial training, continual professional development and regular supervision are integral to how we work. As well as coaching, mentoring and team facilitation, we offer organisational and executive assessments. We specialize in working with regional executives who face the challenges of managing across cultures in one of the fastest growing regions of the world. XD offers an unrivalled coaching proposition. Within this website you can find more about our particular approach to coaching, mentoring & facilitation, and the team that delivers it.


Renewal is a fundamental part of a sustainable life.  Renewal can be moments in a day or weeks in a year. It is time for re-energising and for allowing your minds  and bodies to settle so they can tackle the enormity of the change and challenges facing all of us.  Our renewal programs are based on a multi-disciplinary approach of well researched and documented practices.  These include: mindfulness; generative exercise; creative play and reflective practices.  they can be taken at a group or individual level.