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Becoming a Better Leader – Learn Coaching

If you are an organisational leader or high potential thinking about how you can advance your leadership capability, then “graduating” as a coach could be a great way forward.  When you learn to coach, you are learning a new way to lead, and it is an approach that can elevate your leadership and help you…

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Careers in the New World

Whilst many corporate leaders are doing their best to turn around businesses with innovation and  even the odd bold pivot, we are also entering a time of significant organisational restructure and downsizing. A large number of jobs are being lost and careers are having to be re imagined. And along with this is a huge…

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Mark S Powell Team & Interdependency

The Team Reset

Time for a Team Reset?   You and your team have done really well through this period of massive change. However, the extra effort is now taking its toll on results, relationships and wellbeing.   As a team leader you are wondering what is the roadmap to take the team forward?

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Mark S Powell Leader Snacks

The Challenges & Opportunities in Asia Pacific

We regularly reach out to our client base to get their views on a number of important issues affecting their leadership. Recently we spoke to Asia Pac leaders about some of the “regional” challenges they face leading across Asia. Performance happens in “context” and we believe the themes below are of significant importance when advising…

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Performance & Vitality

5 Initiatives for Accelerated Business Performance

We regularly reach out to our client base to get their views on a number of important issues impacting leadership performance across Asia. Recently we talked to Asia Pac leaders about some of the “regional” initiatives that they are pursuing to unlock greater sustainable performance in their business.  The following emerged as key priorities: Strategic…

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Change & Agility

Six Minutes or Six Breaths

Six Minutes to overcome your emotional reaction Many of us know what it is like to be triggered. By triggered I am referring to moments when an event or action or situation ignites our own subconscious perception of danger or risk or breaches our tightly held values. The trigger event sets off the instinctive and…

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Leader Snacks

3 Simple Performance Ideas For Senior Leaders & Their Businesses

Research & Findings: Recently, we asked 30 leaders in the Asia Pacific what was most important in generating performance through leading a regional/ international business that spanned both geographical and cultural boundaries. These were leaders from various international organizations, all within the Asia Pacific region. They include both commercial and functional leaders. Here are some…

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