Mark S Powell Team & Interdependency

The Team Reset

Time for a Team Reset?   You and your team have done really well through this period of massive change. However, the extra effort is now taking its toll on results, relationships and wellbeing.   As a team leader you are wondering what is the roadmap to take the team forward?

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Team & Interdependency

Motivating Your Senior Team

If you are leading a senior team, a critical part of your role is facilitating the high performance of key individuals and the collective.  This means tapping into key motivations.  It is well documented, that intrinsic motivation is both more meaningful and more sustainable for senior executives. They still enjoy extrinsic rewards, and will happily…

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Team Work Team & Interdependency

High Performance: Part 2

In a former life, I was an international rugby referee. This gave me a glimpse into aspects of high performance from a close but neutral perspective. As I think back on some of the champion sides  that I refereed a few distinctive qualities stand out: Play right at the Edge. Great sides were difficult to…

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Team & Interdependency Team & Interdependency

High Performance: Part 1

In a past life, I was a rugby referee. I did this for around a decade rising high enough to officiate in International games. I had the pleasure of officiating in games featuring Emerging Wallabies; American Eagles, England, Scotland, the champion NZ All Blacks and the mighty British Lions. This experience gifted me with a…

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Build Strong Teams Team & Interdependency

How Great Leaders build Strong Teams?

I was recently asked: “What are the qualities of the best team leaders I have worked with?” It was a question that led me to this article. It also made me reflect on my experience in coaching and facilitating teams. Having been around business teams across different cultures, different industries and organizations for over 30…

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Expat Coaching Team & Interdependency

The Culture Challenge

The cultural distance experienced by many expats in the regional hubs of Asia Pacific is much larger than anticipated. This creates some unexpected points of tension that limit performance and effectiveness across their tenure. This can be significantly reduced through integrated third level cultural coaching programs. 1 st level – What to do – Cultural…

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