Key People

All of our coaches are highly trained and have operated at senior levels within organisations, in both the large corporate and entrepreneur environments, before becoming coaches. Ongoing training and regular professional supervision are integral to how we work.

Mark Powell has been an educator, a college lecturer, an entrepreneur, a corporate leader, a sole operator, and a member of a senior team. He has lived in three countries and conducted business in 17. He has run a start up and helped turn around a boutique services firm. He has been an avid supporter of the performing arts community and an international rugby referee. He has coached representative sporting teams and attended multiple silent retreats. He has owned and operated a small banana farm and have spoken at industry forums on leadership. He has studied economics, business administration, finance, coaching psychology, entrepreneurship, systemic thinking and neurolinguistic programming. His current focus is on the development of international executives and cross-cultural teams who can lead effectively across the Asian Pacific region. 

Aurora Aritao is an organizational consultant, executive coach & leadership development specialist. Passionate about human capital and its strategic value to organizational success, her interests lie in deeply understanding individual and organizational behavior, and the interrelationship between personality, leadership style, culture, and organizational decision-making. Aurora currently works with senior leaders and their teams in various MNCs and conglomerates in Asia and beyond. Aurora also delivers workshops on developing coaching mindset and culture for clients in the airline, property, hospitality, banking & finance.

Austin Tay leads executive assessments on behalf of Praesta across Asia. Praesta is the world’s leading international coaching and development organisation.Austin Tay is a qualified occupational psychologist with a certification for psychometric testing accredited by the British Psychological Society. He is a certified user for SHL, Saville Wave, PDI, 15PF, Identity, Apollo, Talent Q and Cubiks suite of psychometric tools.Austin has 17 years of working experience across various specializations including psychological assessment, recruitment, project management, sale and marketing, business development and operations.He has worked in the service, construction, security and recruitment industries. His clients include both local and international organizations and individual executives across Oil and Gas, Insurance, Retail, FMCG, Technology, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing industries.

David Ng brings to an organization 25+ years of broad industry and international exposure, gained through working in challenging start-ups and respected MNCs as an executive in leadership roles. His experience has covered global and regional positions, based out of Singapore, Hong Kong, London and Sydney, with a focus on Emerging Markets. His interest is in holistic performance management and brings a combination of coaching and consulting to his work with forward thinking companies, executives and entrepreneurs. As a Business Consultant and Executive Coach, David enjoys working hand-in-hand with growth orientated companies, start-ups and executives to synthesize their values, capabilities, positioning and priorities to improve focus, productivity and impact. A Coaching relationship with David is targeted at supplementing the talent management support given to High Performing Executives at forward-thinking companies and Entrepreneurs who wish to fulfill their potential.

Toby Ouvry has over fifteen years’ experience as a coach,  and over twenty five years’ experience in practising, teaching and facilitating mindfulness meditation, including five years as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition. In particular he specialises in executive mindfulness programs for sustainable high performance in the workplace and stress transformation (meaning how to transform existing negative stressors into causes of growth, creativity and innovation). Toby has facilitated mindful leadership and performance programs for companies including Visa, Thompson Reuters, Ubisoft, Skyscaner, Spotify, Burberry, Aviva, Finexis and ABN Amro. Toby’s mindfulness methodology reflects a strong interest in how it can be linked to work performance/engagement and how it how it can enhance mental, emotional and physical resilience within both individuals and groups.