Mark S Powell Leader Snacks

The Challenges & Opportunities in Asia Pacific

We regularly reach out to our client base to get their views on a number of important issues affecting their leadership. Recently we spoke to Asia Pac leaders about some of the “regional” challenges they face leading across Asia. Performance happens in “context” and we believe the themes below are of significant importance when advising…

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Performance & Vitality

5 Initiatives for Accelerated Business Performance

We regularly reach out to our client base to get their views on a number of important issues impacting leadership performance across Asia. Recently we talked to Asia Pac leaders about some of the “regional” initiatives that they are pursuing to unlock greater sustainable performance in their business.  The following emerged as key priorities: Strategic…

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Leader Snacks

3 Simple Performance Ideas For Senior Leaders & Their Businesses

Research & Findings: Recently, we asked 30 leaders in the Asia Pacific what was most important in generating performance through leading a regional/ international business that spanned both geographical and cultural boundaries. These were leaders from various international organizations, all within the Asia Pacific region. They include both commercial and functional leaders. Here are some…

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Change & Agility

How to Transform your Business in 6 Steps

The top team, whether at global or regional level, fundamentally dictate the success of change initiatives. This team needs to attend to their own internal dynamics and processes so that they can both model and enable the transformation message across the business. Team Alignment for Business Transformation As the world becomes more and more turbulent,…

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Strategy & Innovation Strategy & Innovation

1 Simple Step to turn around Execution

I recall working with an important leadership team 2 years ago as they grappled with the start of the digital transformation that has consumed them and many other businesses over the past few years. The global initiative was a new e-commerce platform to boost the sales, aid the supply chain and accelerate the payment process.…

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Build Strong Teams Team & Interdependency

How Great Leaders build Strong Teams?

I was recently asked: “What are the qualities of the best team leaders I have worked with?” It was a question that led me to this article. It also made me reflect on my experience in coaching and facilitating teams. Having been around business teams across different cultures, different industries and organizations for over 30…

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